Bridal Style Report: Colour

Bridal Style Board: Colour

Today we’re looking at colour. Using our two colour/inspiration boards we can clearly see two colours that blend beautifully…….shades of lilac and shades of grey. Each of the colours would look great in their own right but if you wanted to mix the option is there.

I always think of lilacs and lavenders just for Spring but it also works very well for Summer wedding styling. There are some stunning roses most of the year in the lilac to pale grey tones….Cool Water, Amethyst, Memory Lane to name but a few. If your styling for your ceremony or venue dried lavender is another versatile option. It can be used to hang in bunches, looks great as a napkin decoration, even in savoury dishes and desserts.

Introduce pale grey into your scheme with ribbon for tables and florals. You can find certain grey shades with lilac tones… looks stunning. Silver is also a nice touch…..candlabras or pretty silver mirror frames for your table plan. Always experiment with colour before making your final choice. You’ll be surprised what you eventually go for… don’t necessarily have to play safe.

Enjoy your planning and styling!