Bridal Style Report

Welcome to The Mews Style boards. This is a new weekly feature designed to get you thinking about your wedding style.

The Mews will be featuring mood and inspiration boards for you to drool over and hopefully get ideas for your special day. Let’s take a brief look at the difference between mood and inspiration boards.

The Mews Bridal

Firstly we have the mood board. We’ve used an all white board ‘White Parisienne Chic’. The mood board is about conceptual design, a look that appeals and inspires you to create for your special day.

The Mews Bridal - Inspiration Board

Secondly we have an inspiration board which would be the next step up from the mood board. It will be full of images and ideas that you will actually use for your wedding day. The inspiration board is about specifics, colours, textures and details. We’ve demonstrated this with two boards, one in white and one with hints of blush, creams and pinks.

Join us next week when we will be featuring more inspirational boards exclusive to The Mews!