Sample Sale at The Mews Clifton

Sample Sale at The Mews Clifton!

A sample sale not to be missed…

The Mews of Clifton Village are hosting another much anticipated Sample Sale Sunday! After so many brides successfully found their dream dress during our last sale, we have booked in another date and added a huge number of gowns to the sample sale!

On Sunday 20th September 2015, The Mews will be opening its doors from 10am for a sample sale not to be missed! We will be working on a first come first served basis and therefore not booking appointments that day. However, our team will be here to assist you in trying and buying your wedding dress! The sample dresses will start from £800 (!) and we even have some ‘nearly new’ gowns with up to 30% off the current RRP!

All dresses bought can be safely stored at The Mews of Clifton Village. Our brides can then decide whether they would like to choose an alterations package with our in-house seamstress or take their gown away to be fitted elsewhere.

A few words of advice…

1. We do recommend that you have tried on gowns before and are ready to look for something specific. If you are unsure of what you are looking for please book an appointment prior to the sample sale to find out what suits you in terms of shape and style. A sample sale day is not the best environment for a bride newly looking at gowns. We will be unable to give you the same level of service or amount of time as a booked appointment.
2. Our sample dresses are usually a size 12 but there is a small section of smaller and larger sizes. We have a highly skilled in-house seamstress who can alter all of our gowns. The Mews team have the expertise to advise you on the sample sale day what can and can’t be done to ensure your gown will look it’s best on your wedding day.
3. At a sample sale you will not have the luxury of time compared to a book appointment. Any gown could sell at any time… so please come ready to make a decision!
4. This is a fantastic opportunity for our brides to find their dream dress at a heavily discounted price, so be prepared to fall in love!

The following dresses will be available in the sale:

Suzanne Neville

Apollo (£2895) £1000
Limelight (£2395) £1000
Mimosa (£2795) £1000
Grosvenor (£3650) £2000
Savoy (£3295) £2000
Belle Amour (£3395) £2000
Manhatten (£2350) £900
Willow (£2965) £1200

Stephanie Allin

Grace (short) (£2150) £500
Anja (£2388) £1000
Camilla (£2475) £500
Evelin (£3425) £800
Jazz (£2400) £1000
Blossom top (£450) £100
Petal top (£450) £100

Laure de Sagazan

Pialat (£2700) £1000
Anderson (£2500) £1000
Stiller (£2200) £1000
Garrel skirt (£1445) £400
Brisseau skirt (£1200) £800
Visor top (£800) £400

Rime Arodaky

India skirt (£1640) £400
Lux (£2780) £1500
Milovy (£2750) £2000
Nina (£1480) £300
Mayflower top (£487) £200
Pierce top (£730) £300
Blush (£2590) £2000
Behka (£3330) £2500
Davies (£2600) £2000
Flemming (£2520) £2000
Lavendar (£2400) £2000
Milvoy (£2750) £2000
Verity (£2400) £2000
Wilder (£3000) £2000
Arizona skirt (£1550) £800

Jenny Packham

Nelly (£3170) £1500
Molly (£3170) £1600

Temperley London

Willow (£3250) £1800
Honeysuckle (£4895) £2000

Delphine Manivet

Theodore (£1800) £800
Malo top & Yves skirt (£1500) £800
Aliocha (£2200) £1000
Thomas top (£400) £200
Yuk top & Robinson skirt (£2000) £1200

Elise Hameau

Olympe £1500
Clementine £1500
Zoe £1500
Benedicte top
Virginie top & Laetitia skirt £1500

Stephanie Wolff

Alela dress